Product selection guide

Use this product selection guide to determine the appropriate Aqua-Traxx PBX drip tape for your crop, soil type and terrain.

PBX code builder

Code builder

PART NUMBER: AA5100867-600
AA = Aqua-Traxx® with the PBX Advantage
5 = Diameter (5/8”)
10 = Wall thickness (10 mil)
08 = Emitter Spacing (08”)
67 = Flow Rate (0.67 gpm/100’)
600 = Roll length (feet x 10)
* X denotes the diameter. 5 for 5/8”, 7 for 7/8” and 9 for 1 1/8”
** xx denotes mil (1/1000th of an inch) thickness.
Metric outlet spacing expressed in nominal length.
Gph and gpm represent US gallons.
Coefficient of Variation (CV) Less than 3%.
† Maximum pressure within laterals while operating or flushing
Not all configurations are available in all regions

AquaFlow™ Drip Irrigation Design Software

You can also find AquaFlow, Toro’s drip irrigation design program at AquaFlow allows irrigation designers, dealers and growers to configure Aqua-Traxx irrigation systems for maximum performance.

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The Product Selection Guide is intended to assist only with tape selection. You should consult with your Toro Dealer or Representative to confirm suitability of your preferred product for the intended use and site conditions. Not all configurations available in all regions. Consult your Toro Representative for more information.